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Acosta, R; Kalu, A; Kiefer, D; Wilson, William

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Satellite Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) was tested using the Advanced Communication Technology Satellite (ACTS) Ka-band signal and Ultra Small Aperture Terminal (USAT) ground stations. The SCADA system included a photovoltaic (PV)/diesel hybrid power generator designed to provide electricity to a rural community in a developing country. End-to-end baseline hardware checkout experiments have been completed. Results show that continuous two-second data transfers for real time monitoring can be completed with an error rate of less than 1%. The system recovers from simulated perturbations quickly and gracefully. Specifically, normal operation is resumed within 36 seconds following loss of power to any or all system component(s) and within one second following loss of communications link. Ka-band signal fade due to rain resulted in increased data transfer errors and loss of communications link, without effecting PV/diesel hybrid operation. Preliminary results suggest that data rates of 4800 bps and a link margin of 4 dB with a < Watt transmitter are sufficient for end-to-end operation in this application.

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