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Raissi, Ali; Raustad, Richard

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Transportation; Electric Vehicles


Planning is the key to successful adoption and deployment of any new technology, and it is particularly important when that advancement involves a paradigm shift such as electrified transportation. At its core, electric transportation is largely a technology deployment. The vehicles and supporting infrastructure are unique to this mode of transportation; requiring new and specific planning and policies to support their deployment. This EVTC project brings together these planning elements and their role in the future U.S. transportation network. The project results are presented in five planning related subject areas: (1) Identification of 14 of the 22 EVTC program topics whose results have a direct role in the planning process; (2) Presentation of four case studies as examples of planning programs; (3) Proposed EV Transportation Planning Guidelines and Best Practices; (4) Impact of Volkswagen Settlement Beneficiary Mitigation Plan on the future of electrified transportation in the U.S., and (5) Hosting of two annual EV Transportation & Technology Summits.

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Electric Vehicles; Transportation


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