Measured And Simulated Performance Of Reflective Roofing Systems In Residential Buildings

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Huang, Yu Joe; Konopacki, Steven J.; Gartland, Lisa M.; Sherwin, John; Gu, Lixing

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Florida; Buildings; Cooling; Roofs; Attics


A series of experiments in Florida residences have measured the impact on space cooling of increasing roof solar reflectance. In tests on 11 homes with the roof color changed mid summer, the average cooling energy use was reduced by 19%. Measurements and infrared thermography showed that a significant part of the savings were due to interactions when the duct system is located in the attic space. An improved residential attic and duct simulation model, taking these experimental results into account, has been implemented in the DOE-2.1E building energy simulation program. The model was then used to estimate the impact of reflective roofing in 14 different climate locations around the United States.

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Reference Publication: Parker, D., Huang, Y., Konopacki, S., Gartland, L., Sherwin, J., Gu, L, "Measured and Simulated Performance of Reflective Roofing Systems in Residential Buildings", ASHRAE Transactions, Vol. 104, Pt. 1, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, 1998.

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Buildings - Attics; Buildings - Cooling; Florida; Buildings - Roofs


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