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Beal, David

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Buildings; Dehumidification; Ventilation


As energy efficiency reduces the hours where air conditioning is called for, and as codes require outdoor air to be brought into homes, humidity levels in homes may rise to the point where dehumidification is required. However, there are currently no standards in Florida's Energy Conservation Code for dehumidification. Thus, a mechanical contractor that invests in an expense such as variable speed heat pumps or heat pipe technology in order to dehumidify and save energy receives little benefit relative to another home that installs an inefficient dehumidifier. A reference home dehumidification strategy needs to be established.Another strategy to reduce interior moisture loads is to allow flexible hours of mechanical ventilation. Research being conducted by LBNL, FSEC and others are showing potential to save some energy by controlling when ventilation occurs, or "smart ventilation." However, the energy conservation code will need to have a strategy for providing an appropriate baseline for a code reference home.

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Buildings - Dehumidification; Buildings - Ventilation


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