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Buildings; Energy Conservation; Retrofits; Energy Consumption; HVAC


This document comprises the final project report in supporting the demonstration of the pilot Florida Public Building Loan Concept. This loan program provides low cost funds to eligible public entities for upgrade of building energy systems. The FLASTAR program (Florida Alliance for Saving Taxes And Resources) was modeled after the successful Texas LoanSTAR project [1,2]. Within that program, funds provided from oil overcharges are loaned to various facilities for building system retrofits. These loans are repaid (with interest) from energy cost savings. As of the most recent reporting, the LoanSTAR program had saved the State of Texas some $13.7 million in verified project savings at an average payback of 3.3 years.Central to the FLASTAR program is the demonstration of real energy cost savings associated with each retrofit measure [3]. These savings were documented through a comprehensive metering, monitoring and reporting service provided by either the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) or the University of Florida (UF) depending on geographic area. The monitoring covered a time frame to include both pre-retrofit and post-retrofit periods and include those parameters necessary to quantify resulting energy savings.

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Reference Publication: Sherwin, J., Parker, D., "FLASTAR: Florida Alliance for Saving Taxes and Energy Resources," Prepared for Florida Energy Office, October, 1996.

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Buildings - Energy Conservation; Buildings - Energy Consumption; Buildings - HVAC; Buildings - Retrofits


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