Gallium Content Enhancement In CIGS Thin Films Prepared By Two-Selenization Process Using Se Vapor

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Lynn, Kevin


Gallium content in CulnGaSe thin Films prepared by two-selenizations process using Se vapor has been enhanced by optimizing the metallic layer sequence and selenization parameters. Maintaining a high selenium vapor incidence rate of x50 A increased the Ga content x in the formula CulnGaSe from 0.06 to 0.11. Fast temperature rise of 50-90° C min., and controlled cooling-down rate to 3004 C with a lower Se vapor incidence rate increased the Ga content still further. CulnGaSe -thin- film solar cell having Ga content x of 0.10 showed an open-circuit voltage V, of 451 .E mV, a short-circuit current density J of 34.5 mA, a fill factor of 57.87%, and a total-area efficiency of 9.02% with a fairly constant spectral response. The results are significant because the process can be easily scaled up for economic manufacture.

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FSEC Energy Research Center® Collection

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