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Brooker, R. Paul; Raissi, Ali

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Fuel Cell


Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) use hydrogen as fuel and exhaust only water and heat. They provide driving ranges and fueling times comparable to gasoline vehicles. Despite the advantages, FCEVs have been in and out of the spot light of the auto industry for the past several decades. As FCEVs finally moved from concept demonstration to commercialization in 2015, it is critical to analyze the opportunities and challenges this technology brings. This project placed emphasis on four areas: (1) Analysis of the development of FCEVs from a historic and technology point of view; (2) analysis of hydrogen fueling station infrastructure costs, technical and operational challenges, as well as safety codes and standards; (3) exploration of using fuel cell as vehicle range extenders through modeling; and (4) investigation of FCEVs as backup power options. The results of each research area are published as technical reports and a journal article. This final project report will provide an overview of these research areas and reiterate some key findings.

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Fuel Cell


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