Morphology Of Precursors And Cuingase2 Thin Films Prepared B691 By A Two-Stage Selenization Process

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Kuttath, Shankar; Moutinho, Helio


The morphology of sequentially sputtered metallic precursors and CuInGaSe2 thin films prepared using a novel two-stage selenization process was found to change from initially very smooth layers with a root-mean-square (rms) surface roughness of < 10' to coalescing grains with a fine (~200' ) subgrain structure, three-dimensional ~ 9000' size islands, and finally to compact, well-faceted, large ~ 1' m grain-size CuInGaSe2 thin films with a rms roughness of 950' 1500'. In situ homogenization of Cu-rich precursors prior to the first selenization and a maximum selenization temperature of 550' 560' C that provided beneficial fluxing action of copper selenide improved the morphology of completed CuInGaSe2 thin films and the photovoltaic conversion efficiency of the solar cells.

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