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The Florida Department of Community Affairs has contracted with the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) to review the current infiltration practices of the Florida Energy Code to determine, based on analysis of the best currently available infiltration data, whether there is need for three infiltration practices, and to make recommendations of what "point multipliers" should be applied to the infiltration practice(s). An advisory committee of industry, utility, and research representatives was formed to review the findings of the project and express opinions about the form the infiltration practices should take. This committee met twice, reviewed each of the reports produced by FSEC staff, and gave review and recommendations throughout. Views of the advisory committee are indicated in several places throughout this report.

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Reference Publication: Cummings, J., and Moyer, N., "Assessment of Infiltration Practices in the Florida Energy Code," Final Report No. FSEC­CR­1826­95, Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa, FL, April 17, 1995.

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