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Fairey, Philip; McCluney, Ross; Gueymard, Christian; Stedman, Ted; McIlvaine, Janet

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Heating; Buildings; Cooling; Water Heating


On August 24th, 1992, Hurricane Andrew devastated a large part of South Dade County in Florida. With over 35,000 homes to be rebuilt, there is interest in seeing if these reconstructed residences can be made more energy-efficient.

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of potential energy efficiency improvements for both new and existing homes in South Florida. Over forty energy-efficiency measures were considered in the analysis. Many homes in the effected zone experienced damage to their windows, roofs and the surrounding landscape. As a result, the analysis closely examined options associated with these design aspects. All major end-uses of electricity were considered: space cooling and heating, water heating, refrigeration, lighting and other appliances.

Our research considered both the technical feasibility of available methods to save energy as well as the economics of the various options that are available. Optimization analysis was used to choose superior combinations of energy-efficiency measures that will provide maximum energy savings at the lowest possible cost. The study used a combination of monitoring studies and simulation analysis to determine the effectiveness of the various measures.

Results of the analysis showed that while it was technically feasible to reduce household electricity use in South Florida homes by 73 - 84%, the economically cost-effective savings ranged from 39% - 48 %. A group of economically superior measures were identified during the course of the analysis.

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Reference Publication: Parker, D., Fairey, P., McCluney, R., Gueymard, C., Stedman, T., McIlvaine, J., "Rebuilding For Efficiency: Improving the Energy Use of Reconstructed Residences in South Florida", Prepared for U.S. Department of Energy, Florida Energy Office, and Florida Power & Light Company, FSEC­CR­562­92, December 1992.

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Buildings - Cooling; Heating; Water Heating


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