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The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) is a research and education arm of the State University System hosted by the University of Central Florida. The Florida legislature established FSEC in 1974 to conduct research in alternative energy technologies, to ensure the quality of solar energy equipment sold in Florida, and to educate people about renewable energy technology. One method of disseminating research results has been through teacher education programs and the development of instructional materials. FSEC-developed materials are designed to teach science and social studies research methods and for process skills. All units are field-tested and correlated with student performance standards and state curriculum frameworks. This Energy Research Projects guide has been taken from the Florida Middle School Energy Education Project (FMSEEP). FMSEEP was developed for the Governor's Energy Office with the active involvement of teachers, supervisors and utilities. Copies of all the FMSEEP units are available from FSEC's Public Information Office. In addition, FSEC publishes an Energy Note series that provides detailed information about renewable energy technologies and energy conservation strategies. Contact us for a publications list.

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