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Parker, Danny; Martin, Eric; Chasar, David; Amos, Bryan

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The U.S. Department of Energy Building America team Partnership for Improved Residential Construction is collaborating with Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) to conduct a phased residential energy-efficiency retrofit program. This research seeks to determine the impacts on annual energy reductions from the installation of advanced residential technologies. Earlier project work involving the application of two levels of retrofit, shallow and deep, found average savings of 9% and 38%, respectively. Whole-house demand reduction among the deep retrofit homes averaged 39% during FPL's peak summer hour. These savings levels approach the Building America program goals of reducing whole-house energy use of existing homes by 40%.Phase II of the phased deep retrofit (PDR) project includes single retrofit measures applied to shallow retrofitted homes that could be used to refine the deep retrofit package and identify technologies less well proven. This process is also known as 'shallow-plus' retrofitting. Phase II involves the installation of eight energy-efficiency retrofit measures among a subsample of 41 of the larger study's 53 existing all-electric homes. This report summarizes end-use energy savings,economic evaluation results, and fundamental findings from the individual measures.The Central Florida and South Florida homes were built between 1955 and 2006, average approximately 1,700 ft2 in conditioned area, and have an average occupancy of 2.4 persons. Total house power as well as very detailed energy end-use data are collected to evaluate energyreductions and the economics of each retrofit. All of the studied homes were audited and instrumented during the second half of 2012, and shallow retrofits were conducted from March-June 2013. The retrofit energy-reduction measures for the shallow installed measures includedthose for lighting (compact fluorescent and light-emitting diode lamps), domestic hot water (water heater tank wraps and low-flow showerheads), refrigeration (cleaning coils), pool pumps (reducing operating hours), and using 'smart plugs' for home entertainment centers.

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