Evaluating The Impacts Of An Addison 100% Outside Air Ventilation System With Linear Capacity

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Ventilation; Buildings; HVAC


This proprietary research project was conducted with the primary objective of evaluating the energy efficiency and effectiveness of a new dedicated outside air system (DOAS) design by Addison. The evaluation occurred on an engineering-level prototype that used variable refrigerant flow and variable air flow technology with a new design referred to as the Addison LC unit. Energy use, and delivered energy of an existing DOAS was monitored before retrofit at a school cafeteria test site in Orlando, Florida. Five different test configurations of the Addison LC unit were also monitored after replacing the older existing unit. Testing over the Summer and Fall of 2016 showed large energy savings potential of the Addison LC unit, as well as substantial summer peak demand reduction and well dehumidified and conditioned outside ventilation air delivered at 55 degrees F-60 degrees F.

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Buildings - HVAC; Buildings - Ventilation


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