Dean of the College of Graduate Studies: Elizabeth Klonoff, Ph.D., ABPP

Welcome to UCF’s College of Graduate Studies.

UCF is full of opportunities both on and off campus. Our partnerships with big companies like Disney and Siemens to local nonprofits, provide our students valuable hands-on experiences that enhance their educational journey. From conducting fieldwork in nature preserves on the Space Coast to learning how to run a nonprofit in downtown Orlando, Central Florida is an amazing place to learn and grow.

We offer master, specialist, doctoral and certificate programs in a range of fields from aerospace engineering to urban planning that include research opportunities to maximize your educational experience.

Your program office will likely be the place you turn to most often when on campus, but know that our college is here to support you throughout your UCF journey. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to your success.

We are responsible for everything from creating policies and procedures that pertain to graduate students to analyzing and making recommendations for program enhancements. We are involved from admissions to graduation and we provide an array of support services in between. We also offer guidance for interdisciplinary and cooperative programs. If you have a question about graduate studies and you’re not sure where to get an answer, we can help.

We advocate for your intellectual development and are committed to seeing you graduate. Our goal is simple – to help you become the best in your chosen field.

To be the best requires advanced knowledge, hard work, and commitment. Congratulations on embarking on that first step – the pursuit of graduate studies. If you are willing to put in the hard work and are committed, we are here to support you along the way.


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