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Hello! This project was created by Archie Belvu, Mariya Bendus, and Eric Haseman. We are all undergraduate psychology students hoping to gain experiences that will benefit us in graduate school! This project was overseen by Dr. Chin, we would not have been able to design, analyze, or present this project without his help!

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Past literature suggests that listening to music while taking a memory recall test can hinder memory recall ability, with music serving as an external disadvantage in the context of a memory recall task. Past literature also suggests that having low levels of self-efficacy can hinder memory recall ability, with self-doubt serving as an internal disadvantage in the context of a memory recall task. Our project sought to investigate the potential effect that intersecting disadvantages can have on an individual's task performance. We took a convenience sample of 36 participants and randomly sorted them into one of six conditions: a non-music (Groups 1-3) or music (Groups 4-6) condition, and an increased (Groups 3 and 6), neutral (Groups 2 and 5), or decreased (Groups 1 and 4) self-efficacy condition. We hypothesized that those who listened to music and had lowered levels of self-efficacy would underperform compared to those in the non-music and neutral or positive self-efficacy conditions, and that those who were in the music and decreased self-efficacy condition would underperform compared to those in all other conditions. After running a 2 X 3 Factorial ANOVA comparing the music and self-efficacy conditions, we could not support any of our hypotheses. We speculate that the lack of control we had over our study (as it was conducted entirely online via Qualtrics) significantly contributed to the results we obtained. In the future, would encourage researchers to conduct similar experiments in a controlled setting.


Self-Efficacy; Memory Recall; Self-Doubt; Social Psychology; Psychology; Music and Memory

Investigating the Potential Impact of External Disadvantages and Self-Doubt on Task Performance