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Arboretum and Make a Wish Organizational Audit

Arboretum and Make a Wish Organizational Audit


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Denise Lowe

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We are part of the class Leadership 2002. We were privileged to work with the UCF Arboretum and the Make-A-Wish Foundation for our service in this course.

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This is an audit of what leadership experiences we took part in our service at the UCF Arboretum and Make a Wish on the UCF Campus. Our group focuses on-campus leadership since we wanted to see our service impact the community we are a part of. We chose our service locations accordingly. In our service, we gained new appreciation for the people who keep the two organizations running. We documented the effects of the organizations on us personally and the community in and around the UCF campus. This audit is a culmination of the thoughts and experiences we had while serving our community.


Arboretum; Make a Wish; Organizational Audit

Arboretum and Make a Wish Organizational Audit