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Helping Hooves: Freedom Ride's Impact on our Community

Helping Hooves: Freedom Ride's Impact on our Community


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Enrolled in LDR-2002: Intermediate Leadership, our group of 5 dubbed ourselves Saved by the Bell, and started our work at Freedom Ride to fulfill the Lead Scholars Culture Audit plan. Throughout our time at Freedom Ride, we learned about Leadership, Cross training, and more; adding to our research and references to the Social Change Model. We’re very proud to share with you the benefit this organization has to the Orlando disabled community, and beyond! We want to thank Freedom Ride Inc. and its leadership for their continuous support of our project and service-learning requirements.

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Established in 1998, Freedom Ride states that their mission is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults with disabilities through horseback riding and other therapeutic activities. Freedom Ride's vision is to raise awareness for the struggles that disabled people go through. Their goal is to inspire people to believe that they're more than their physical limitations. The organization was our first pick because our group member Izzy, was already involved there. Once she shared the mission of the organization, the rest of us were just as passionate. Throughout our volunteer time, we assisted the riders on their trails, meaning we worked directly with staff, clients, and horses. We also groomed, fed, and hydrated the horses. Freedom Ride was an enriching experience for both our group and the clients!

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Helping Hooves: Freedom Ride's Impact on our Community