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Shemeca Smith

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The purpose of this project is to bring awareness to a bill that was recently proposed to the Florida Senate. This bill is House Bill 87 titled "The Taking of Bears Act". If passed, it would allow for the legal taking of bears on private property, if an individual feels that the bear is threatening them or their pets safety. This project aims to bring a greater level of understanding to the public about the advantages and disadvantages of House Bill 87 and actions that can be made in response to the bill at hand. The greatest risk of passing this bill would be the potential threat to the Florida black bear population, as well as risk of personal safety. The greatest advantage to passing this bill would be the gained ability to legally defend yourself or your property from a potentially dangerous, or even deadly, encounter with a Florida black bear.


House Bill 87; Taking of Bears; Florida Black Bear; Personal Safety; Threatened; Guns

House Bill 87: The Taking of Bears Act