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Dr. Karen Haslett

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I would like to thank my IDS Professor Dr. Karen Haslett for encouraging me to be out of my comfort zone. Due to her encouragement, I was able to do a project that I find worthwhile. I am grateful that I was able to accomplish this with her guidance. I want to thank all the non-profit organizations, victims/survivors, government officials, medical professionals, volunteers, researchers, anyone who is advocating against Sexual Abuse for giving a portion of their time. Despite many challenges in the judicial, medical, professional, and personal field; there has been tremendous improvements that is being undervalued.

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My inspiration was from my IDS 4939 course where we had to present about a topic that we are devoted towards. It could be conveyed through PowerPoint, video, etc. but for me I chose to write a research paper about the indiscriminate circumstances that influence Sexual Abusers behavior, and how it profoundly directs their course of action. After an endless time spent on gaining data, this sensitive topic sent me to a black hole of no return. With boundless sources of support with the help of the internet I was feeling guilty as to what I could do with this. I was brainstorming of what can I do with this information, and how I can spread it to the public. People talk about sexual abuse incessantly, but with no desire to undertake work. Therefore, I felt it was up to me, since I have seen an open plain field filled with bounty of resources that can help reach thousands of voices with a click of a button. With this in mind I chose to talk about Sexual Abuse because I deemed it to be vital.

Please download the PowerPoint to see my project.

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