High Impact Practices Student Showcase Spring 2024

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Dr. Julie Donnelly

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Benjamin Cherkasskiy is a freshman Biomedical Sciences major with a pre-med track.

Abigail David is a freshman Health Sciences major with a pre-clinical track.

Kira Garvey is a freshman Chemistry major.

We would like to thank Dr. Lapeyrouse for giving us the opportunity to be Undergraduate Learning Assistants in her CHM2045C lecture.

Abstract, Summary, or Creative Statement

Many undergraduate students at UCF are required to take chemistry classes and the chemistry pathway to fulfill their major conditions. As ULAs for one of the first college chemistry courses that students will take, we have witnessed students struggle when being introduced to the content. This contributes to lower motivation among students and an overarching feeling of “I can’t do this”. We aim to help alleviate the assumption that chemistry is “hard” or “impossible” by personally working with students and utilizing the strategies we learned in our Pedagogy class (CHM 4942). Throughout the semester, we have worked one-on-one with students during lectures and held exam review sessions in the library. We have learned that we can have a profound effect on student learning and as ULAs, we can influence their perception and understanding of chemistry. With this, students can feel more confident and positive about their future in chemistry.


Chemistry; Learning Assistant; Pedagogy; Volunteering

CHM2045C: The Hurdle