High Impact Practices Student Showcase

This site showcases student work conducted as part of High-Impact Practice (HIP) designated courses. Their efforts are a testament to their hard work and to the importance of making these HIP learning experiences available to as many students as possible.

HIP students, submit your work to Fall 2023 Showcase.

To UCF's student government, to our community partners, and to our participating faculty and students: we thank you for your support.

What are High-Impact Educational Practices?
High-Impact Educational Practices (HIPs) are some of the most effective learning experiences that enhance a student's academics, according to a substantial body of evidence gathered by the American Association of Colleges and Universities. HIPs offer students a competitive edge, by helping them blend what they have learned in the classroom with real-world experiences. Participating in HIPs strengthens a student's ability to develop intellectually and gain practical skills in communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. (See George Kuh, High-Impact Educational Practices: What They Are, Who Has Access to Them, and Why They Matter (Washington D.C., 2008).)

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High Impact Practice Course Designations at UCF
UCF currently has four HIP course designations:

These designations make these High-Impact Practices accessible to a larger number of students. Click on the links above for more information about each designation.

Submitting a Project?
More information about the showcase can be found here: https://academicsuccess.ucf.edu/explearning/students/amy-zeh-high-impact-practice-student-showcase/

Instructions for STARS submissions
Instructions for In-Person Presentations

In Honor of Amy Zeh

The Amy Zeh Service-Learning Student Showcase is held in honor of Amy Zeh, the longtime coordinator of Service-Learning at UCF. Amy began her work at UCF in 2006 and served as the Assistant Director for Service-Learning since the program’s inception. During her time at UCF, Amy oversaw a Service-Learning program working with countless faculty to create service-learning courses and developed relationships with multiple community partners to increase service-learning opportunities for students. Amy's impact, whether directly or indirectly, has been felt in communities across Central Florida and beyond.


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