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Episode 30: Fernando Rivera: Sociology Research Empowering the Hispanic Community


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Fernando Rivera

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Knights Do That


Puerto Rico Research Hub; Puerto Rico; Hispanic Serving Institution; HSI


Season three of Knights Do That, UCF’s official podcast, returns with its third guest, Professor of Sociology Fernando Rivera, who is the founding director of the Puerto Rico Research Hub. Rivera has been studying the movement of Puerto Ricans to the Central Florida community for over 10 years. He has studied the differential patterns of health among Puerto Ricans in the United States by analyzing different social indicators, such as perceived discrimination, residential segregation and socioeconomic status and their impact on Puerto Rican health.

Here he shares insight on the Puerto Rico Research Hub’s local to global impact, the impact Hurricane Maria has had on Puerto Ricans in the five years since the storm and the importance of UCF’s Hispanic Serving Institution designation.

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Season 3

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Episode 30

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