Daniela Ojeda, '19


Daniela Ojeda, '19





Daniela Ojeda was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Florida when she was 5. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a strong interest in 3D printing and it applications. Daniela is currently conducting material testing research in the Mechanics of Materials Research Group under Dr. Ali P. Gordon and Jonathan Torres. She plans to obtain her Ph.D. in Material Science and become a college professor.

Faculty Mentor

Ali P. Gordon, Ph.D. and Jonathan Torres, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Major

Mechanical Engineering

Future Plans

Material Science Ph.D.


Project title: ANSYS Workbench Optimization and Parameters Tools to Reverse Engineer Material Properties of Selective Laser Melted 3D Printed Samples

University/Program where you conducted the research: University of Central Florida as part of the T-L.E.A.R.N. program

Mentor full name, credentials, and institution: Dr. Ali P. Gordon, Ph.D Mechanical Engineering, University of Central Florida

Project Abstract: This research aims to use stress-strain curves and the Ramberg-Osgood relationship to derive material properties. ANSYS, finite element analysis software, optimization and parameter setting programs are used to compare experimental trails to simulated results. Ultimately the programs will be able to take the experimental displacement vs. values and compare them to stored simulation data and produce correlation parameters that are used for material characterization.

Summer Research Institution

Louisiana State University (CIMM)


Engineering | Mechanical Engineering

Daniela Ojeda, '19