Anthony Aakre, '10


Anthony Aakre, '10




Faculty Mentor

Stephen M. Fiore

Undergraduate Major

Interdisciplinary Studies

Future Plans

Ph.D. in Cognitive Sciences


Next-generation Expeditionary Warfare Intelligent Training Conducted at the University of Central Florida as part of the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program. Mentors: Stephen M. Fiore, Director, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, IST Assistant Professor of Cognitive Sciences, UCF Department of Philosophy Abstract: The Next-generation Expeditionary Warfare Intelligent Training (NEW-IT; N00014-08-C-0186) program is a 3-year contract (FY08-FY11) sponsored by the Office of Naval Research. NEW-IT supports US Marine Corps (USMC) training by delivering adaptive, intelligent, and dynamic instructional support solutions to enhance productive training time, particularly training focused on the development of higher-order cognitive skills. Prototype products developed under NEW-IT are being integrated with USMC’s Deployable Virtual Training Environment (DVTE), a multi-user laptop-based simulation suite fielded world-wide by the Marine Corps.

Anthony Aakre, '10