Christina Restrepo Nazar, '11


Christina Restrepo Nazar, '11





Christina Restrepo is from Passaic, New Jersey. In addition to being a part of the McNair Scholars program, she is also involved with the Research and Mentoring Program at UCF. She is interested in attending Rutgers University or the University of Central Florida to obtain a PhD in Science Education: Biology. Her graduate research interests include urban education and improving the quality of science education in low income schools with a high percentage of minority students.

Undergraduate Major

Science Education; Biology

Future Plans

Ph.D. in Science Education; Educational Psychology


Assessing Constructivist Teaching and Learning in the Ohio Mathematics Coaching Program Conducted at the University of Central Florida as part of the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program. Mentors: Dr. Patricia Brosnan, Mathematics Science & Technology Abstract: Research suggests that mathematics literacy has had no significant improvement before the revision of student centered learning formulated by the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics (NCTM). The new NCTM standards suggest the implementation of constructivist and cognitively guided instruction in the classroom. The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between exposure to the Ohio Mathematics Coaching Program (MCP) and student achievement. Using one-on-one professional development models; coaches and teachers work on instructing, reflecting, revising and learning how to teach and assess students in the classroom. The Ohio Department of Education identified a set of lowest performing schools and these schools had a choice of whether to have a mathematics coach or no coach. The focus of this research is to look for evidence of student learning by examining public record data of coached and non coached schools. Public record data includes building- wide proficiency levels on the Ohio Achievement Test, as well as proficiency levels based on ethnic background, economic status, and disability status. Coaches and teachers are also evaluated in content knowledge and learning about mathematics pedagogy. The program’s objective is to improve teacher content knowledge and assessment of student learning as well as the improvement of individualized cognitive based instruction that may lead to student achievement.


Biology | Educational Psychology | Science and Mathematics Education

Christina Restrepo Nazar, '11