Dr. Lee-Anne T. Spalding; Kendra Hazen


Fifth Grade, Elementary Education, Social Studies Education, Social Studies, Lesson Plans, Florida Standards, Unit Plans, Universal Design for Learning, History, Holocaust Education, School of Teacher Education


Designed by pre-service teachers, this fifteen-day Social Studies unit covers 5th-grade Florida Social Studies Sunshine State Standards and Florida B.E.S.T. Standards while incorporating Universal Design for Learning strategies, English Language strategies, and opportunities for students to engage with educational technology in various capacities. This unit is complete with a daily Instructional Guide for teachers, turnkey student-facing materials, lists of or links to any necessary resources not created by the authors, and a post-assessment. During this unit, students will explore what persecution and prejudice look like through the lens of the Holocaust. They will explore historical sites and dates through a variety of ways to include virtual field trips, Nearpod, and videos. Students will explore what being a good neighbor is like and how prejudice and can change people. Students will gain an understanding of how many people died in the Holocaust by the example of the Paperclip Project.

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Holocaust Unit Freeze Tag Permission Slip.docx (107 kB)
Holocaust Unit Freeze Tag Permission Slip

Holocaust Unit Vocabulary.docx (8 kB)
Holocaust Unit Vocabulary

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Spanish Translation of Holocaust Unit Vocabulary

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Unit Plan Grade 5, Holocaust - Holocaust Education