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A History of Central Florida Podcast (A History of Central Florida: Podcast Project Main Page)

Explore the entire 50 episode series here. A History of Central Florida Podcast is a podcast series that examines the history of central Florida through local area objects found in museums, historical organizations and other places.

Please use the following citation when referencing the series:

n Robert Cassanello, A History of Central Florida, podcast video series, November 18, 2013-June 11, 2015. [http://]

b Cassanello, Robert. A History of Central Florida, podcast video series, November 18, 2013-June 11, 2015. [http://]

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Every Tongue Got to Confess Podcast

This podcast series explores issues facing communities of color globally by listening to the voices of attendees at the Zora Neale Hurston Festival of the Arts and Humanities in Eatonville, Florida.

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Futures in Languages (Modern Languages and Literature Department)

This new podcast series Futures in Languages, showcasing stories from UCF's Modern Languages and Literatures Department alumni.

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Matters of Diversity with Dr. B

University of Central Florida's Office of Diversity and Inclusion has created a Diversity Dialogues Series designed to highlight equity issues as they relate to the University of Central Florida community. The episodes will be broadcast live via Zoom and YouTube on Wednesdays from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM and Fridays from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM weekly. The Wednesday show will have fireside chats with UCF administrators, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders. The Friday show is designed to specifically engage with UCF students providing them with a platform to share their views.

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Practical Access Podcast

Drs. Lisa Dieker and Rebecca Hines, professors at the University of Central Florida in the College of Community Innovation and Education, have worked with schools and parents across the country. They take a fun and informal look at "practical" situations from teachers, parents, and people with disabilities. Our approach is fast, flexible thinking about "real" life problems. This podcast is not about the "legal" approach, but our best advice from both personal and professional experience. For more information, visit the Practical Access website.

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UCF Forum

A new column is posted each Wednesday at UCF Today and then broadcast between 7:50 and 8 a.m. Sunday on WUCF-FM (89.9). The columns are the opinions of the writers, who serve on the UCF Forum panel of faculty members, staffers and students for a year.

UCF TODAY Disclaimer:
Information presented on this website is considered public information (unless otherwise noted) and may be distributed or copied. Use of appropriate byline/photo/image credit is requested. We recommend that UCF data be acquired directly from a UCF server and not through other sources that may change the data in some way. While UCF makes every effort to provide accurate and complete information, various data such as names, telephone numbers, etc. may change prior to updating.

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Walkabout the Galaxy Podcast

An irreverent and informative tour of the latest, greatest and most interesting discoveries in astronomy.

Walkabout the Galaxy got its start from our coffee break "walkabouts" at the University of Central Florida. Josh is not a coffee drinker, so instead of a “coffee break” he takes a walkabout the UCF campus with his colleagues. The wide-ranging conversation on these breaks, from the latest astronomy news to the latest developments in science fiction were so much fun that Walkabout the Galaxy was born. This conversational podcast covers the latest news in astronomy and physics at a level accessible to anyone who is interested in space or just wants to join in a fun and occasionally silly conversation.

WtG is hosted by Josh Colwell, Addie Dove, and Jim Cooney. All three are in the Physics Department and the Florida Space Institute at the University of Central Florida. Josh and Addie study dust, rings, comets, moon, asteroids, and planet formation, and they try to drag Jim into their planetary escapades, but his passion is cosmology.

You can reach out to the WtG team at

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