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S7 E12: CEC Teaching All Kids with Marcee Wilburn and Jolly Piersall


Indiana IEP Resource Center

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You are in for a treat! For the first time ever, Drs. Rebecca Hines and Lisa Dieker interview have two guests for one episode! In today's episode, Marcee Wilbrun and Jolly Piersall are the Director and Project Coordinator at the Indiana IEP Resource Center.

Tune in as Drs. Rebecca Hines and Lisa Dieker honor, celebrate, and reflect on their careers, and the Council of Exceptional Education (CEC) 's past 100 years while also thinking ahead to the future. Don't forget we love to hear from our listeners! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We look forward to receiving your questions on our Google Phone (407) 900- 9305, Facebook (Practical Access), Twitter (@AccessPractical), or Instagram (@Practical_Access).

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