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CELEBRITY ALERT! Drs. Rebecca Hines invites her sister UCF graduate and movie star and producer Cheryl Hines to discuss an important topic in these times of stress - laughter. Dr. Hines and Dieker, UCF Faculty members, ask for advice for both teachers, parents, and individuals with disabilities from Cheryl Hines how to use, understand, and learn to laugh as both individuals and as teachers and parents. The Hines sisters are always a good laught when they are together, and Cheryl's expertise in this episode is a gift to think about the importance of laughter and deciding how much oxygen to give the hecklers in our world. We hope you enjoy this special episode and thank you Cheryl Hines for helping us all fill the world with a little more laughter. Remember questions can be shared on Twitter @accesspractical. Follow us on itunes or iheart podcasts.

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