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S6 E6: Resilience with Dr. Martha Lue Stewart

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We must ensure that all students are not further disadvantaged in their scholastic efforts because of the inability to obtain basic materials. We must protect and raise the self-esteem of our students who are unable through no fault of their own to add the many aesthetically pleasing extras to work created outside of the classroom environment." - Dr. Martha Lue Stewart.

Today, Drs. Lisa Dieker and Rebecca Hines sit down with Dr. Martha Lue Stewart. As the first Black woman promoted to the rank of professor, Dr. Stewart has been instrumental in helping build a diverse and inclusive campus at the University of Central Florida. Her leadership, mentorship, community engagement, and continued advocacy have impacted many during her decades of service. Tune in today to hear more about her passions and how we can all continue to support resilient children from underserved communities.

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