Margery Vosse



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Radcliffe Bridge; Radcliffe, Lancashire, England


Ralph Pemberton

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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53.559338, -2.326155


Margery Vosse, Radcliffe Bridge, Radcliffe Lancashire, Ralph Pemberton, John Haydock, Henry Haydock, John Mason, Richard Mather, Richard Siddall, Peter Colbourne, Susan Parr, Susannah Crompton, Thomas Tillsley, Quakers, Society of Friends


Letter dated August 28, 1684 (August 18, 1684 Old Style) from Margery Vosse to Ralph Pemberton.


[The following is written in Margery Vosse’s hand]
18 [de/ye?] [the] 6 month 1684
dear ould [old]
mester [master] Relph Pemberton [Ralph Pemberton] my dear love to you and to Phinehas [Phineas Pemberton] and
Phebe [Phebe Pemberton] Abegail [Abigail Pemberton] and Joseph [Joseph Pemberton] and to Jems Harison [James Harrison] and his wif [wife] and ould [old] An [Ann Harrison]
[and?] to lide [Lidea?] and my Dear love to Joseph Mether [Joseph Mather] and my love to all your
firnds [friends] I Desir [desire] to heer [hear] from you oft [often] it doth [does] delight my heart
as for your Dets [debts] I cen [can] but [get] [little] of them in which is sum [some]
Trobel [trouble] to mee [me] peopel [people] ere [are] so bad and teems [times] ere [are] so heard [hard]
I cenot [cannot] tel [tell] how to geet [get] any of them for if I could
I wold [would]
[The following is written in Richard Mather’s hand.]
I have not seen John ^Hadock^ [John Haydock] never since you went but I sent
by his Brother Henery [Henry Haydock] 16 shilling for goods in ye [the] [illegible--page torn]
and Nathaniell Atherton [Nathaniel Atherton] sent att [at] that same time [illegible--page torn]
which he Recd [received] of John Mason for Phineass [Phineas Pemberton] & [and] gave
it to Henery Hadock [Henry Haydock] & [and] he promised to give it to his
Brother and my master Says he will pay for halfe [half]
a [holpe?] [helping?] of meall [meal] and 3 [werkes/weekes?] [partially illegible—page tear] table [work tables?/weeks?] and old [England?] […] [illegible, from [England?] to remainder of line—page tear]
[m...] [illegible, 2 words—page tear] to you [...] William Walker [in...ele?] man [remember/Richard Mather?]
his [kind] love to you & [and] Robert Linsley & [and] Richard Siddall
and Richard Mather Junior Remembrs [remembers] his kind love to you
& [and] to his Brother Joseph [Joseph Mather] and as for ye [the] Shop I think I have
as good costom [custom] for ye [the] goods [ith] [with?] Shop as I we had when you
were hear [here] for this year is more then [than] it was last year I
Shall Return very near as much as you & [and] I was weent [wont/want?] to doe [do]
Petter Colbourn [Peter Colbourne] has left this house to his Brother James [James’]
[little Sonn/Littleson?] [James’ son/James Littleson?] & [and] new houses [house] to Herry son [Harrison/Harry's son?] and Shusan Parr [Susan Parr] is dead
Shusanah Crompton [Susannah Crompton] was and old Richard Walker & [and] his
wife Remembers there [their] dere [dear] love to you and Rich [Richard Walker] says he
cold [could] be glad to see you att [at] Ratclife Bridg [Radcliffe Bridge] againe [again] and
Thomas Tildsley [Thomas Tinsley] I think goes not on soe [so] as he did att [at]
first [See?] [sight/sea?] with my dere [dear] love to you ^I^ Remaine [remain]
yor [your] ffaithfull [Faithful] Sarvent [servent]
Margery Vosse
fform [From] Ratclife
Bridg [Radcliffe Bridge] 1684
[page 2]
[The following is written in a more modern hand, in the bottom right corner, oriented along the right margin.]
Margery Vosse
Radcliffe Bridge
6mo. [6th month] 18 1684










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Receiver (Linked data)

Pemberton, Ralph, 1610-1697 [LC]

Ralph Pemberton (Q102033482) [Wikidata]

Sender Place (Linked data)

County of Lancashire [GeoNames]

Lancashire (England) [LC]

Organization (Linked data)

Society of Free Quakers [LC]

Quakers (Q170208) [Wikidata]

Society of Friends [LC]

Family (Linked data)

Pemberton family [LC]

Pemberton Family (Q113325696) [Wikidata]



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