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Bolton, Lancashire, England


Roger Longworth or Anthony Shaw

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Manchester, England

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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53.577694, -2.428887

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53.480759, -2.242631


James Harrison, Bolton, Anthony Shaw, Roger Longworth, Manchester, John Grindy, Quakers, Society of Friends, business, social network, Quaker business, Shoemaker, Theft, Prison, Imprisonment


Letter dated August 15, 1670 (August 5, 1670 Old Style) from James Harrison to Roger Longworth or Anthony Shaw, his business partners. The letter details orders and deliveries of different shoes for different customers, order specifics, and customer names.


R: [Roger Longworth] & [and] Anthony [Anthony Shaw]
After my love to you in ye [the] truth remembred [remembered] & [and] youer [your] fell
=ow [fellow] prisoners, These are to advise thee [you] Anthony [Anthony Shaw] to keep to the preson [prison]
thou [you] being called there unto & [and] for work thou [you] shall not lak [lack] I will
provid [provide] it for thee [you], for by coming or sending once a weeke [week] I can furn
=ish [furnish] thee [you], if I be not restrained of my liberty also: & [and] thou [you] should set
up these boots in ye [the] feete [feet] after thou [you] recive [receive] to com [come] back by
John Grindy if thou [you] can, for ye [the] boy must needs have them on the
3d [third] day next, soe [so] if thou [you] gitt [get] them not don [done] to com [come] by John [John Grindy], then you
must indever [endeavor] to send them on ye [the] second day by som [some] yt [that] come to the
markett [market], the mans [men’s] shoe is for Roland Bellas, he would not have
them to [too] very bigg [big], Rodge [Roger Longworth] thou [you] knowes [knows/know] wtt [what] will fitt [fit] him, ye [the] browne [brown]
shoes is [are] for ye [the] waiteing [waiting] maid at [Smedals] such as ye [the] other was & [and] the
black ons [ones] is [are] for widdow [widow] Risfinton daughter they must be wid: [wide?] on ye [the]
7s as those browne [brown] shoes yt [that] was made for bradshaw wife of bradsh
=aw [Bradshaw], I hope thou [you] may procure a block hamer [hammer] for somtime [sometimes] I thought
to acom [have come] my selfe [myself] but I think to goe [go] to warington [Warrington] to morrow [tomorrow] if ye [the]
lord will lett [let] me heare [hear] how you doe [do], My love is to you all & [and] I heare [hear]
yt [that] youer [your] parsecuters [persecutors] should acuse [accuse] som [some] of you, for stealling [stealing] a horse for
ought they knew, write to them & [and] [ink blot: bid] them prov [prove] it, or elce [else] they
wilbe [will be] proved to be slander [slanderers] & [and] falce [false] accusers & [and] [abusit?] [abused?] tearms [terms]
elce [else] they [jane?] [chain?] you, turn it back on them againe [again] & [and] lett [let] them beare [bear]
thier [their] owne [own] shame I think I have sent all yt [that] will neede [need] for ye [the] shoes
& [and] som [some] nessaryes [necessaries] elce [else] my wife [Ann Harrison] hath [has] sent you we are all pretty well
soe [so] reste [rest] your loveing [loving] friend
Ja: Harison [James Harrison]
Boulton ye [the] 5th of
ye [the] 6th mon: [month] 70 [1670]/
[page 2]
[In James Harrison’s hand, centered.]
To Rodger Longworth [Roger Longworth]
or Anthony Shaw
these in Manchester
[In a more modern hand, along the right margin.]
James Harrison
6 mo [month] 5. 1670.
Roger Longworth
Anthony Shaw.










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Creator (Linked Data)

Harrison, James, 1628-1687 [LC]

James Harrison (Q102115513) [Wikidata]

Receiver (Linked data)

Roger Longworth (Q106658182) [Wikidata]

Sender Place (Linked data)

Bolton [GeoNames]

Bolton (Greater Manchester, England) [LC]

Receiver Place (Linked data)

Manchester [GeoNames]

Manchester (England) [LC]

Organization (Linked data)

Society of Free Quakers [LC]

Quakers (Q170208) [Wikidata]

Society of Friends [LC]

Family (Linked data)

Pemberton family [LC]

Pemberton Family (Q113325696) [Wikidata]



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