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Bolton, Lancashire, England

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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Roger Longworth, London, James Harrison, Bolton, George Fox, William Penn, Gracons Street [London], Winsworth, Roger Haydock, Philip Ford, Phineas Pemberton, William Gibson, James Claypoole, Robert Haydock, George Green, Thomas Green, Colchester, Holland, Stephen Crisp, Steven Crisp, Society of Friends, Quakers, social network


Letter dated June 20, 1682 (June 10, 1682 Old Style) from Roger Longworth to James Harrison. Mentions Harrison's recent "good [...] at Liverpool." Also mentions plans to go towards Colchester and then Holland. There is a financial account ledger on the back.


London ye [the] 11: of: ye: [the] 4: mo: [month] 1682

James Harrison

dear and well beloved freind [friend] and Brother, whom

the Lord hath [has] honnored [honored], and Crowned in his eterniall [eternal]

power, and who shall take it from thee [you], blessed be his

name for ever [forever], my Life is bound up with thee [you], and

Love flowes [flows] unto thee [you], and I am knitt [knit] unto thee [you], [crossed out: illegible]

measureablly [measurably], in that Life and followshipe [fellowship] of the

gospell [gospel], of peace which the Lord hath [has] mead [made] us par

takers [partakers] of in which our unity stands, and we are

fellow [feelers?] of one another, and in the [etremes?] [extremes]

of my fathers [father’s] Love, I dearly Imbrace [embrace] thee [you], and Cord

ially [cordially] salut [salute] thee [you], thine [yours] I Rcd [received] and was verie [very] glad

to heare [hear] of thy [your] deare [dear] wife Recoverie [recovery], whom I

dearely [dearly] Love, the Lord prelong [prolong] her dayes [days] saith [says] my

soule [soul], and all soe [also] was glad to heare [hear] of thy [your] good

searvies [service/services] at Liber pool [Liverpool], a mongest [amongst] freinds [friends], things

here are prety [pretty] quiat [quiet], and we have had a blessed

heavenlly [heavenly] meeting for six dayes [days] now togeither [together]

and it is not yeat [yet] ended, the Lords [Lord’s] power has gone

over all, I doe [do] not know that I ever soye [saw] such a

multuites [multitudes] of people, Last first day it was expected

that all over meetings would abeene [have been] brocken [broken] up

G: ff: [George Fox] and w: p: [William Penn] and I was [were] at gracons [Graysons] street, when

theire [there] was said to be neare [near] 4 thoushand [thousand] people

and not a tongue Lift up against us, Roger Haydc [Roger Haydock]

was at Daven shire [Devonshire] hous [house], and offecers [officers] take him

out of the meeting and Lete [let] him goe [go], and at the

Savoye [Savoy] the [they] take some names, and that was all,

and everie [every] day since we have had meetings

quiat [quiet], and the Lord is with, and who shall pre

vaile [prevail] against us, magified [magnified] bee [be] his power for

ever [forever] more, Roger Haydock and I was [were] with william penn [William Penn]

this morning, and hee [he] Read thy [your] Letter, and gaive [gave] it to mee [me]

againe [again], to give to phillep foard [Philip Ford], and said if theire [there] weire [were]

any place yeat [yet] Left p: p: [Phineas Pemberton] should have a place, and

if he Came to him hee [he] should not want a place, he was

in hast [haste] goeing [going] to winsworth, and desired us to Come

to him againe [again] when he Cam [came] home againe [again] and this day I have

beene [been] with philep foard [Philip Ford] and given him the Letter, and he has

promesed [promised] that phinehas [Phineas Pemberton] shall have a place, and that his place

should be the stoor keeper [storekeeper], and will. Gibson [William Gibson] to him on thy

his account, and allso [also] to James Claypoull [James Claypoole] that he should

have a place, I have bought him, a grace of buttons of the

best I can get the prise [price] is five shillings six pence the [they] will

Com [come] in Robert Haydockes [Robert Haydock’s] goods, I have not beene [been] with george

green, as yet, I may take an opertunity [opportunity] on the second day

and give him account, and thus fear [far] I have answered your

Letters, and what fouther [further] I Can give mee [me] [my] account, I am will

ing [willing] to serve my freinds [friends], in what I can, I thinke [think] to stay in

town till [until] the Later end of the next weicke [week], and then goe [go]

towards Collchester [Colchester], it may be I goe [go] over to Holland

I doe [do] not here [hear] of any except Tho: Green [Thomas Green] soe [so] I have not much

time if I goe [go] thaire [their] yearlie [yearly] meeting begines [begins] on the forth [fourth] day

Com [come] two weicke [weeks], Let mee [me] heare [hear] from you, direct to Stephen

Crisp at Collchester [Colchester] if not before, soe [so] with my Love to

you all in the seed that blessed for ever [forever], I remaine [remain]

your freind [friend]

Roger Longworth

Susana Millners [Susannah Millner’s] Love is to thee [you]

thy [your] wife and freinds [friends] R:H: [Roger Haydock] E:H: [Elinor Haydock]

M:L: Tho: At. [Thomas Atherton]

which all Loges [lodges?]


R:L: [Roger Longworth]

Case of knives 2 5

2 doz [dozen] of [pea...] 2_4

1 doz [dozen] of Locks 3_0

2 doz [dozen] of knives 1_0

2 files 0_8

1/2 doz: [dozen] of [...] 0_6

1/2 doz: [dozen] of Large [...] 0_9

one sockett [socket] chisall [chisel] 0_7

one doz: [dozen] of Looking ^glases^ [glasses] 3_0

14s_03d [14 shillings 3 pence]

[upside down]

Roger Longworth


4 mo [month] 1682


James Harison [James Harrison]


ffor [For]

James Harrison

at Boulton [Bolton]

in Lancashire










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