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Ramsey Bay, Isle of Man


James Harrison

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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Letter dated July 31, 1682 (July 21, 1682 Old Style) from William and Jane Yardley—anchored on the ship Friends Adventure in Ramsey Bay off the Isle of Man—to James Harrison.


Ramsey in ye [the] Islman [Isle of Man] 21st 5th mo: [month] 82 [1682]

Dear Brother

haveing [having] this oportunity [opportunity] I cold [could] not well omitt [omit] it but send thee [you]

aline [a line] or two by wch [which] you might have ^a little^ [crossed out: illegible] understanding how things

are with us upon the 14th instant in the evening wee [we] left Liverpoole [Liverpool]

and fell downe [down] to the blackrock, where wee [we] stayed some few ours [hours] and

then set saile [sail] haveing [having] a very faire [fair] gale of winde [wind], but it did not

long continue but turned very cross, so that it made the sea very

rough, wch [which] caused the most of us to be very sick, and though wee [we] had

got part of the Island on our right hand yet the night following by reason

the winde [wind] proved so cross, that wee [we] wear [were] forced to leave the south side

& [and] fall to the north, and so came along the Island till [until] wee [we] come to this

bay called ramsey bay, where some of us that evening went on

shore it being the first day of the weeke [week], wee [we] mett [met] with [with] some

freinds [friends] and were glad to see them, and after wee [we] had refreshed

our selves [ourselves], wee [we] went aboard againe [again] haveing [having] got a little milk

wee [we] tooke [took] it with [with] us aboard wch [which] was very acteptable [acceptable] to our poore [poor]

weake [weak] women and children, wee [we] stayed there at Anker [anchor] that night

and the next day wee [we] came ashore againe [again] and bought some fresh

provision and tooke [took] in some fresh water so that evening the wind

prsented [presented] very fare [fair] wee [we] set saile [sail] and sailed all night very quietly

and the next morning wee [we] got sight of Ireland and was in hopes

to have gained the Ireish [Irish] shore, but the winde [wind] turning weste=

=ly [westward] proved very boysterous [boisterous] and being so cross that it ^made^ the sea very

turbulant [turbulent], that caused us to be many of us very sick, and that night

it was very stormy so that it made the sea very turbulant [turbulent] that

wee [we] weare [were] forced to go round the Island and come to this bay againe [again]

where wee [we] are at anker [anchor] at this prsent [present], Randolph Blackshaw his [crossed out: illegible]

maide [maid] came ashore wth [with] our maide [maid] to wash some linnen [linen] and is stole

away and wee [we] are in doubt wee [we] shall loose [lose] her, wee [we] are both of us

very weake [weak] in body yet very fervent in minde [mind], for wee [we] looke [look] upon

these things to be but accednetall [accidental], although wee [we] are satisfied thee [the]

lords [Lord’s] ordering hand is wth [with] us, and wee [we] can say that it is good, and wee [we]

hope that in his owne [own] due time hee [he] will bring us safe to our de

sireable [desirable] place, so with [with] our unchangable [unchangeable] love to thee [you] thy [your] dear wife and

Cusens [cousins] wth [with] the rest of your famillys [families] wee [we] rest thy [your] dear brother & [and] sister

Will: [William Yardley] & [and] Jane Yardley

our children are aboard and are pretty well and can eat the ships [ship’s]

fare wonderfully, dear Elnor pownall [Elinor Pownall] has a bad stomack [stomach] so have we

she and her husbands [husband’s] [George Pownall?] dear love is to you all,

WY: [William Yardley]

Wm [William] and Jane Yardley


on shipboard [added text]

5 mo [month] 21 1682


James Harrison









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