Pemberton Correspondence



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Bickerstaffe, Lancashire England


Phineas Pemberton

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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53.531288, -2.838081


Godfrey Atherton, Bickerstaffe Lancashire England, Phineas Pemberton, Pennsylvania, Thomas Crosby, Nathaniel Atherton, Bolton, Roger Longworth, Alice Dickenson, Quaker, Society of Friends








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bickerstaff [Bickerstaffe, Lancashire] this 31 of 6 mth [month] 1683
Phinies Pemberton [Phineas Pemberton
Loveing [Loving] freind [friend] After the Salutation of my very
deare [dear] Love to thee [you] thy [your] wife [Phebe Pemberton] & [and] to my antient [ancient] & [and] neare [near] re
lated [related] freinds [friends] thy [your] fatharinlaw [father-in-law] [James Harrison] & [and] motherinlaw [mother-in-law] [Ann Harrison] truly my love
to your words is more abundantly then [than] I can heare [here]
Expres [express] for my deare [dear] freind [friend] our Love standing in the Spr
Ingngngs [spring] of the hevenly [heavenly] Love & [and] Life of god it is unxpres
able [inexpressible] the feelinges [feelings] is [are] more Aboundent [abundant] ^then^ [than] the sound
wch [which] I freely refer thee [you] makinge [making] noe [no] dout [doubt] but thou [you]
hast [have] asence [a sense] of the [innocence?] of my Love unto you
wch [which] I pray god Continu [continue] wth [with] increse [increase] for evermore [forevermore]
my deare [dear] freind [friend] thine [yours/your letter] of the 9th of the 11th mth [month] 1682]
Came to my hand wch [which] was truly very excepta
ble [acceptable] thy [your] account therein Concluded ^by most [hearers?]^ very inocent [innocent] in
the relattion [relation] to the Cuntry [country] & [and] as to things heare [here] as to
Suferings [sufferings] & [and] Such like bearer Can give as full an
acount [account] as I Can write but as to our freind [friend] Isaac
Ashton he is recoverd [recovered] but thomas Crosbes [Thomas Crosby’s] wife
hath [has] Layd [laid] downe [down] the body [died] & [and] as to brother nathaniell [Nathaniel Atherton]
he hath [has] aprety [a pretty] full traid [trade] as far as I doe [do] know ^I thinke^ [think] [strikethrough: illegible]
doth [does] turn to acount [account] but hath [has] not Cast up att [at] boulton [Bolton, Pennsylvania]
att [at] ratlife [Radcliffe] he hath [has] ther [there] apeares [appears] [Ffit?] [fit] I know not
the Custom^ars^ [customers] as far as I know then had att [at] boulton [Bolton, Pennsylvania] doe [do] Conti
nue [continue] to nathanyell [Nathaniel Atherton] so haveinge [having] given thee [you] this Shorte [short] acount [account]
wth [with] my very deare [dear] Love to dear Roger Longworth my
Love to Alies dickenson [Alice Dickenson] they have Sent [alece?] [Alice] her tronke [trunk]
but left her hatt [hat] behind [desuringe?] [desiring] as you have opertunyty [opportunity]
to here [hear] from you rest thy [your] Loveinge [loving] freind [friend] & [and] brother
in the truth
Godfrey Atharton [Godfrey Atherton]
My wife desures [desires] to bee [be] rememberd [remembered] to
thee [you] thy [your] wife [Phebe Pemberton] and all before mentioned
my Love to thy [your] fathar [father] [Ralph Pemberton] GA [Godfrey Atherton]
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Godfrey Atherton
6 mo [month] 31 1683
Phineas Pemberton

Receiver (Linked data)

Pemberton, Phineas, 1650-1702 [LC]

Phineas Pemberton (Q94253673) [Wikidata]

Sender Place (Linked data)

County of Lancashire [GeoNames]

Lancashire (England) [LC]

Receiver Place (Linked data)

Pennsylvania [GeoNames]

Pennsylvania [LC]

Organization (Linked data)

Society of Free Quakers [LC]

Quakers (Q170208) [Wikidata]

Society of Friends [LC]

Family (Linked data)

Pemberton family [LC]

Pemberton Family (Q113325696) [Wikidata]



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