Pemberton Correspondence



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Burlington, New Jersey


Phebe Pemberton

Receiver Place

Falls Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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39.952583, -75.165222

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Phineas Pemberton, Burlington, Phebe Pemberton, Falls Township, Bucks County, Burlington New Jersey, William Biles, Samuel Jennings, Robert Barrow, R Wardle, Newtown, Darby, Samuel Carpenter, James Biles, Quakers, Society of Friends, Social network, , [Neshaminah], [Grosteef], Burlington, Newtown, Darby, Mary II Queen of England, Louis XIV King of France, Duke of Luxembourg, François Henri de Montmorency-Bouteville Duke of Piney-Luxembourg, Samuel Carpenter {Maryland}, Maryland, George Biles, George Browne, South Hill, Jane Biles


Letter dated April 4, 1695 (March 25, 1695 Old Style) from Phineas Pemberton to his wife, Phebe Pemberton.








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The 25th 1/mo [first month] [March] 95 [1695]
My Deare [dear]
I write from Burlington [Burlington, New Jersey] at my going downe [down] & [and] acquainted thee [you] of
what I heard by a letter to wm Biles [William Biles] the freinds [friends] are here & [and] Saml Jenings [Samuel Jennings]
the freinds [friends] viz: [that is to say] R: Barrow [Richard Barrow] & [and] R: Wardle [R. Wardle] Intend to be at poquesin [Poquessing, Pennsylvania] the 12th of
the next month att [at] neshaminah [Neshaminy, Pennsylvania] the 14th att [at] the falls [the Falls of the Delaware River] the 16th at Crosweeks [Crosswicks, New Jersey]
the 18th att [at] Burlington [Burlington, New Jersey] the 21 day this day they go to newtown [Newtown, Pennsylvania] to
the Meeting to be there tomorrow the next day to Darby [Darby, Pennsylvania] untill [until]
those meetings be over I think to accompany them yester day [yesterday] we
had a very full & [and] larg [large] meeting truly over all the Conterary [contrary] passeth [passed]
away like a Cloud this day we have an acctt [account] taken to be from
good Ground that the Q: of E [Queen of England] [Mary II] is dead the k of france [King of France] [Louis XIV] & [and] the
Duk of Luxenburg [Duke of Luxembourg] [Francois-Henri de Montmorency] the k of ff: [King of France]: general I have here enclosed
sent thee [you] that wch [which] is rare a Church of England [strikethrough: man] ^preist^ [priest] vindicateing [vindicating]
freinds [friends] & [and] truth agt: [against] there [their] oppossors [opposers/oppressors] thou [you] may let freinds [friends] viz: [that is to say] WB [William Biles]
uncle & [and] such as thinks [you think] fitt [fit] see [strikethough: illegible] the enclosed
Saml Carpenter [Samuel Carpenter] not as yet return’d [returned] out of mary land [Maryland] nor expected
untill [until] latter end of this week therefore untill [until] his return thou ne[page tear: need]
not expect either my return home or any further account from
me but in a weeks [week's] time hope to be with thee [you] or that thou [you] may heare [hear] from me
as to the plantation afaires [affairs] I wold [would] have thee [you] send for what oates [oats] G
Biles [George Biles] or G: Brown [George Brown] I will spare me but first let get them home & [and]
then they will be secure, but let the fence of the barley ground
be moved to the out side [outside] & [and] set up; the barley sewed after the Ground
is dry, but its [it’s] not to purpose to sow whilest [whilst] the Ground is so wet as
it is let thrashing of all sorts of graine [grain] be put forward & [and] the
repaire [repair] of fences & [and] plowing expidited [expedited] when the land is fit for it
if I Conclude to stay I shall then send up seath [Seth] Hill for what I want
next week & [and] may let the boxes stay untill [until] then except old fleet
wood call for them, & [and] then if the wether [weather] be good & [and] the goods not
likly [likely] to take damage thou [you] mayst [may] send them
I am well & [and] shall be glad to heare [hear] thou [you] & [and] ours are the same
tell Jane Biles I have sent the pot of oyntmt [ointment] it cost 6dh [shillings] wch [which]
is what shee [she] gave me
my endeared to love is to thee [you] my deare [dear], ours & [and] our freinds [friends]
who am thine [yours] in that wch [which] changes not
P Pemberton [Phineas Pemberton]
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ffor [For]
Phinehas Pemberton [Phineas Pemberton]
neare [near] the ffals [Falls]
with a pott [A. Potts]
Phineas Pemberton
1 mo [month] 25. 1695.
Phebe Pemberton

Creator (Linked Data)

Pemberton, Phineas, 1650-1702 [LC]

Phineas Pemberton (Q94253673) [Wikidata]

Receiver (Linked data)

Phoebe (Phebe) Pemberton (Q102035716) [Wikidata]

Sender Place (Linked data)

Burlington [GeoNames]

Burlington (N.J.) [LC]

Receiver Place (Linked data)

Township of Falls [GeoNames]

Falls (Bucks County, Pa. : Township) [LC]

Organization (Linked data)

Society of Free Quakers [LC]

Quakers (Q170208) [Wikidata]

Society of Friends [LC]

Family (Linked data)

Pemberton family [LC]

Pemberton Family (Q113325696) [Wikidata]



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