Pemberton Correspondence



Sender Place

Falls Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Phineas Pemberton

Receiver Place

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Repository holding original letter

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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40.176667, -74.827778

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39.952583, -75.165222


Phebe Pemberton, Falls Township, Bucks County, Phineas Pemberton, Philadelphia, Burlington, Joseph Mather, Elinor Haydock, Robert Haydock, Roger Haydock, M Bourne, [Samuel] Bourne, S Bourne , Quakers, Society of Friends, social network


Letter dated May 4, 1695 (April 24, 1695 Old Style) from Phebe Pemberton to her husband, Phineas Pemberton.








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falls [Falls] the 24 [24th] day of the 2 [2nd] mo [month]
my Dear
I much desire to see thee [you] mee [me] thinkes [thinks] [I think] I am as a widdow [widow] be
fore [before] my time the thoughts of us being parted thus
is not plesant [pleasant] not knowing how soon the Lord myy may
parte [part] us; I desire thee [you] donot [do not] so intangle [entangle] thy [your] self [yourself] [strikethrough: illegible] for
no gane [gain] for I Had rather have thy [your] company then [than] a
grate [great] d^e^ale [deal] of outward Riches thou [you] art[ are] nou [now] more in bondag^e^ [bondage]
to busness [business] then [than] ever & [and] I have more then [than] ordenery [ordinary] Care
if I be not all way [always] att [at] home somthing [something] happens amis [amiss]
Last 5 day I went over with frends [friends] to the meeting thin^[k?]^
=king [thinking] to have them over agane [again] with mee [me] on 6 day but [seven/severe]
of Burlington ware [were] not willing soe [so] I staied [stayed] with them
untill [until] furst [first] day was over & [and] had Hopes to sene [seen] [see] thee [you],
but seath [Seth] Hill tould [told] mee [me] that he saw thee [you] & [and] that thou [you]
was well but very Busey [busy] I desire thee [you] make hast [haste] home
for wee [we] all want to see thee [you] & [and] friends aske [ask] often for thee [you]
& [and] strang [strange] att [at] thy [your] long stay, wee [we] are all prity [pretty] well & [and] so is myne [mine]
who Rests in hopes shortly to see thee [you]/ J: [Joseph/John] Mather the bearer
here of [hereof/here] hath [has] a runlet [rundlet] [small barrel] of myne [mine] I would have thee [you] fill it
with malasses [molasses], Last 7 day Vilat [Violet] was Drouned [drowned] in a swamp
all things elce [else] are well I want a pare [pair] of somer [summer] shooues [shoes]
ben hath [has] ploued [plowed] som [some] but
wether [weather] is un serten [uncertain] but
when fare [fair] is dilegent [diligent] no more but Remane [remain] thy [your]
Endered [endeared] loving wife p: [Phebe] pemberton
thou [you] might do well to Rite [write]
a fue [few] Lines to R [Roger/Robert] & [and] E: [Elinor] Haddock [Haydock]
upon m: & s: Bouens [Mary Bowne and Samuel Bowne’s] account
if thou [you] doth [do] Remember my very
dear Love to them & [and] to there [their] brothers
and sisters & [and] frends [friends] in England
my Love to frends [friends] in philadelfe [Philadelphia]
Rest thyne [yours] p:p: [Phebe Pemberton]
[along the side]
bring mee [me] 2^[...]^ of good [page torn]



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