Pemberton Correspondence


Anne Moon



Sender Place

Bolton, Lancashire, England


Phineas Pemberton

Receiver Place

[Nether Newton in Carpmall]

Repository holding original letter

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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53.577694, -2.428887


Anne Moon, Nether Newton in Carpmall, Newton, Phineas Pemberton, Bolton, Christopher Fell, James Harrison, James Thompson, Christopher Atkinson, Society of Friends, Quakers, Social network


Letter dated August 6, 1679 (July 27, 1679 Old Style) from Anne Moon to Phineas Pemberton.








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dear phineas [Phineas Pemberton]
although I never saw thee [you] but once [page tear] yet I have thee [you]:
often in my remembrance I liked thy [your] company so well
that I desire to see thee [you] againe [again] at the height of [cartm…] [page tear: Cartmel]
fell [Cartmel Fell, Cumbria, England] [page tear: at] our meeting house: dear heart thou [you] kindly [page tear: inv…] [invite?]
mee [me] into your countery [country] thy [your] love I doe [do] accept off [of] and
and am ingaged [engaged] to thee [you] for the same but allas [alas] I am so
[page tear: illegible] a traveler that I cannot come without a man & [and]
a horse and I have neither of my own at present we
now live next house to christopher fells [Christopher Fells] we shall be very
glad to see thee [you] or thy [your] father James harison [James Harrison] here my
mother is aquainted [acquainted] with him but not I: but if I cannot
see thee [you] here I desire a line or a 2 [two] from thee [you] and give
mee [me] to know how poor James tompson [James Thompson] is if thou [you] re
member [remember] I asked thee [you] after him tell him that I made
inquiry after him and if I had been able I would
have seen that place called armes [&/illegible] church [Arms Church?] where he
did live: remember me to him and tell him I shall be very
[ink blot] glad either to hear from him or to see him: me think [I think] thou [you]
[ink blot] should come with christopher Atkinson [Christopher Atkinson] when he marries
they are published now thou [you] must accept of this my
remembrance in steade [instead] of mee [me] who rests thy [your]
truely loveing [truly loving] friend in the truth
Ann Moon [Anne Moon]
from netther newton [Nether Newton]
in carpmall [Cartmel?] the
27 of the 5 month
79 [the 27th day of the 5th month 1679]
[page 2]
[At the bottom of the page, in Anne’s handwriting]
the hand of my friend
phineas pemberton [Phineas Pemberton]
liveing [living] at boulton [Bolton]
in lancishire [Lancashire, England]
this give with
care [I?] intreate [entreat]
[Written along the right margin, in a different hand]
5 mo [month]; 27 1679. Ann Moon [Anne Moon]
to phineas Pemberton [Phineas Pemberton]

Receiver (Linked data)

Pemberton, Phineas, 1650-1702 [LC]

Phineas Pemberton (Q94253673) [Wikidata]

Sender Place (Linked data)

Bolton [GeoNames]

Bolton (Greater Manchester, England) [LC]

Organization (Linked data)

Society of Free Quakers [LC]

Quakers (Q170208) [Wikidata]

Society of Friends [LC]

Family (Linked data)

Pemberton family [LC]

Pemberton Family (Q113325696) [Wikidata]



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