Nancy Flynn


Nancy Flynn





Nancy is a second degree seeking student at the University of Central Florida. Her first degree was a bachelor of arts focusing on studio art and art history. She has returned to the university to pursue a bachelor of sciences in the fields of forensics and medicine with the goals of attending medical school, completing a residency or fellowship in pathology, and pursuing a career as a forensic pathologist. Her fields of interest include, but are not limited to, human biology, biochemistry, and immunology.

Faculty Mentor

Candice Bridge, Ph.D., Assistant Professor – NCFS , Assistant Professor – Chemistry

Undergraduate Major

Forensic Science: Biochemistry Track, Biomedical Sciences


Nancy is currently working within the Bridge Group at the National Center for Forensic Science under the mentorship of Dr. Candice Bridge. The current group project is the classification of lubricants collected from sexual assaults and the establishment of the Lubricant Database that will aid in the comparison and identification of trace evidence in these cases. Nancy has been working on analysis of known samples to add to the database and will help develop and conduct laboratory degradation techniques to replicate environmental changes found in samples from the field.


Medicolegal, Forensic science, Trace evidence

Nancy Flynn