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Felicia Bender





My name is Felicia Bender, I am a Florida native. I was born in Kissimmee Florida. I have lived with my parents and brother my entire life. I went to high school in Harmony Florida and began working in Assisted Livings at sixteen years old as a server. During my work experience, my knowledge for the elderly began to grow. Eventually my work helped shape my passion to help the elderly and choose the major I am currently in today.

Faculty Mentor

Denise Gammonley Ph.D., M.S.W.

Undergraduate Major

Social Work with a Certificate in Aging Studies.


Title: Uses of Civil Money Penalty Funds

Institution: University of Central Florida

Abstract: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) fine nursing homes who have not abided by Medicare regulations. These Civil Money Penalty (CMP) fines are collected and then reinvested to states for the sole purpose of improving resident care and quality of life. Approved projects must address one of area specified on CMS’s guidelines. Using 2013-2016 publicly accessible secondary CMS data this study examined how states differ in the number of approved CMP redistribution projects, the categories of approved projects, and funding amounts across states and regions. Descriptive statistics including frequencies identified trends between 2013 and 2016 including increased numbers of states using funds, larger project amounts. Most projects each year were devoted to direct quality of life improvements and training. Although not all states make use of funds those that do most often use funds to enhance resident quality of life through direct improvement and training projects.


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Felicia Bender