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Rachel is a transfer student from Miami Dade College, and currently a senior at the University of Central Florida finishing her Bachelors of Science in Psychology. She is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Psychological Society, and the Research and Mentoring Program (RAMP). She was a former Transferring into Professional Success Leader for the office of Student Development and Enrollment services, where she developed workshops for multicultural students. Her research interests include the underlying factors in the development and treatment of depression, anxiety, and other related disorders. She is interested in integrative therapeutic approaches for the treatment and prevention of these mental health disorders. Rachel currently holds a research position in the Mood, Personality, and Cognition (MPACT) clinical lab with Dr. Jeffrey Bedwell. The research she is currently working on is looking at the possible relationship between pro-inflammatory cytokines in saliva with depressed mood and negative symptoms in psychiatric disorders. They are examining indications of constricted affect, motivation, and reward processing through pupil and facial recognition components, as well ask computer tasks. She hopes to pursue a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and become a practicing clinician, as well as an active researcher.

Faculty Mentor

Jeffrey Bedwell Ph.D.

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Future Plans

Clinical Psychology Ph.D.


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences

Rachel Perez