Understanding Customers’ Healthy Food Choices at Casual Dining Restaurants: Using the Value-Attitude-Behavior Model

Juhee Kang, University of Central Florida
Jinhyun Jun, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Suan Wohlsdorf-Arendt, Iowa State University


This study examined how individual health values influence interest in healthy foods, positive outcome expectations, hedonic expectations, and behavior intentions. A total of 1188 valid questionnaires were collected from customers who had consumed healthy menu items at casual dining restaurants. The results indicated that health value was the key element that inspired customer interest in healthy eating and aroused hedonic and positive outcome expectations, which in turn enhanced intentions to purchase healthy food items. Restaurant managers are advised to establish creative marketing strategies to motivate customer interest in healthy menu items and emphasize benefits of their healthy food items. Future studies can extend the scope of research by examining differences in geographical areas or demographic profiles.