Model Reference Robust Control Of Siso Systems With Significant Unmodelled Dynamics


In this paper, a recently proposed control design technique model reference robust control (MRRC), is generalized to provide input output robust control for much wider class of SISO systems. A system under consideration may contain not only parametric uncertainties, disturbances, uncertain high-order nonlinearization associated with output, but also unmodelled dynamics associated both input and output of the system. Unmodelled dynamics may be unstable and of infinite dimension. Common assumptions such as the order of nominal system, of bounds on system parameter, or coefficients in size-bounding functions on uncertainties and unmodelled dynamics are not needed in this paper. The a priori information required to apply the proposed design procedure includes relative degree of the nominal system, closed-form expression of bounding functions, and, for arbitrarily small tracking error of reference model output, the minimum-phase condition. Under the proposed control, the output tracking error can be made arbitrarily small to achieve any specified tracking accuracy. The distinct feature of MRRC is that neither uncertainties nor unmodelled dynamics are required to be small.

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