Design And Analysis Of An Irrigation Pond Using Urban Stormwater Runoff


Stormwater held in detention ponds can be reused for irrigation. A simulation of a mass balance on pond storage volume using rainfall and evaporation data for selected areas is presented to estimate the average yearly percentage of stormwater runoff that can be irrigated as a function of watershed equivalent impervious area, volume of temporary storage, and irrigation rate. Design curves were developed that relate the average annual efficiency (E) or the percentage of runoff that is irrigated and not discharged on a yearly basis to the volume of temporary storage (V) in a reuse pond and the rate of irrigation (R). A design chart, called REV curves, permit the selection of a temporary storage volume and irrigation rate for a given average annual efficiency, runoff coefficient, and geographic area. A reuse pond was constructed using the design charts and operated for one year to test the design procedures.

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Proceedings of the Symposium on Engineering Hydrology

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