Parallel Processing In The Undergraduate Curriculum


We are in the process of making radical changes in a reasoned way. By that, we mean that, even though our goal is a major restructuring, we recognize the need to approach this task in a rational, non-precipitous way. Our first goal has been the development of knowledge units. As we have successfully developed these, we are now moving on three fronts. First, we are teaching a sequence of courses that will make a self-selected group of our upper division students the first cadre of computer science undergraduates to leave a university equipped to make an impact on the science and practice of parallel computation. Second, we are involving the majority of our faculty so that they can make parallelism all pervasive in the undergraduate curriculum. Third, we are gradually introducing parallelism at the grass roots level, as an integral part of the introduction to computing for all our undergraduates. The mission we have chosen is not an easy one, but it is, in our opinion, critical to the future of computing. If any of you are interested in joining us in this endeavor, we enthusiastically welcome partners.

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