Parameter Extraction Of Saw Resonator Equivalent Circuit Parameters And Package Parasitics


This paper will focus on surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator and package parasitic parameter extraction. A previous approach used multiple applications of the EIA-512 standard to extract several of the package parasitics. The results were good over a reasonable bandwidth near resonance, but diverged over the wide bandwidths. This was primarily due to the effects of mutual inductance between the input and output ports in two port SAW resonators. This paper will present a new approach which extracts the effects of the mutual inductance and transducer mutual coupling capacitance. The approach first isolates the package parasitics, and then extracts the actual resonator parameters. Two port S-parameter data is taken over the narrowband near resonance and wideband, normally from 100 KHz to 3 GHz. The approach and analysis then uses a series of network and parameter transformations in order to extract all the required circuit parameters from the measured data. The theoretical approach and analysis will be presented for the SAW resonator parameter extraction. A number of commercially available devices will be used to show model verification, both narrowband as well as broadband. Data comparison of several approaches to the parameter extraction will also be presented.

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Proceedings of the Annual Frequency Control Symposium

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