Prediction Of Gate Dielectric Breakdown In The Cdm Timescale Utilizing Very Fast Transmission Line Pulsing


Charged device model (CDM); Constant voltage pulse stress (CVPS); Constant voltage stress (CVS); Electrostatic discharge (ESD); Gate oxide breakdown (GOB); Human body model (HBM); Power law; Ramped voltage stress (RVS); Time dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB); Transmission line pulsing (TLP); Trapezoidal power law (TPL); Very fast TLP (vfTLP); Voltage to breakdown (V ) BD


In this paper, prediction of Gate Oxide Breakdown (GOB) in the Charged Device Model (CDM) timeframe is performed. The prediction does not require lengthy low-voltage Constant Voltage Stress (CVS) measurements but instead utilizes short (less than 5 seconds per measurement) high-voltage CVS measurements as well as quick Ramped Voltage Stress (RVS) measurements to calculate a voltage to breakdown (VBD) in the CDM timeframe as well as the dispersal of actual TDDBs for each oxide area and thickness. To this end, a modified form of the Power Law, called the Trapezoidal Power Law, is derived to simplify data processing and allow comparisons between RVS and CVS. The prediction methodology using the Trapezoidal Power Law is finally demonstrated to predict the exact voltage required to consistently damage the oxide within a single pulse. ©2009 IEEE.

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IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium Proceedings

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