Calibration And Chemical Kinetics Modeling Of An Oh Chemiluminescence Diagnostic


Existing shock-tube data from H2/O2/Ar mixtures were used to examine the chemical kinetics of OH* A2Σ+-X2Π chemiluminescence in the temperature range from 1010-1750 K. Using a detailed kinetics model of the well-known H2/O2 chemistry with an appropriate OH* subset of reactions, the kinetics of OH* formation, depletion, and chemiluminescence were studied, and the relationship between OH and OH* was explored. In general, the initial rise times of OH and OH* coincide closely, but the OH* peaks slightly later and decays much faster than the ground state OH. The OH* formation is dominated by the key H + O2 = OH + O reaction, and the main source of OH* was modeled as H + O + M = OH* + M. Using the data of this study and the H2/O2 detailed mechanism, a new reaction rate coefficient for this key OH* formation reaction was determined. The overall model was used to calibrate the OH* chemiluminescence diagnostic for the measurement of absolute OH* concentrations. © 2003 by The Aerospace Corporation.

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39th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit

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