Sol Gel Coating Of Nano-Zircoia Based Ceramics On Fe-Cr-Al Alloy Fiber Media For Catalytic Applications


A preliminary test was tried to put ceramic catalyst on Fe-Cr-Al fine fibers to examine the feasibility of using alloy fibers as substrate for automobile catalyst converters. A zirconia layer, stabilized by yttria, was deposited on 12 micron diameter Fe-Cr-Al fibers by dip coating via sol gel technique. Prior to deposition, the fiber was oxidized in air in advance to get a dense alumina layer. As a reference, nano-powder zirconia was also prepared using the same procedure as coating. Raman microscopy was used to identify the microstructure of zirconia powder and coating. Mainly tetragonal zirconia was found in both powder and coating form as expected. The shifts of the main tetragonal peaks found in the coating Raman spectrum indicated that there is stress in the coating. The morphology and relative thickness of the zirconia coating was examined by SEM and EDS. It was found that on most of the fiber parts, uniform, thin crack-free coating can be obtained, whereas in the intersections of fibers, cracks were formed because localized liquid sol holdup on these parts caused thicker coating, which is easy to crack in the firing process. It is suggested for more uniform coating, woven structure is preferred.

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