Adapting Communication Styles And Technology Use To International Environments


Globalization; Intercultural communication; Technology


This essay is mainly based on our experience in team-teaching two interdisciplinary courses (Global Perspectives in Spring 2001 & Communication Across National Boundaries in Fall 2001) in addition to our regular classes, in which we have used a combination of new technologies, innovative methods, and diverse materials. Our interdisciplinary courses introduced students to global issues both from the perspective of power relationships and through understanding intercultural communication. The course assignments required students to do field research, use technology, and work as part of teams. Students learned to think critically about key global issues. The team project required students to do extensive research using technology, to conduct interviews, and to explore other types of field research in addition to more traditional library research. Moreover, with the extensive use of technology in our assignments, we made sure that our students gained the necessary skills for the modern work environment. Finally, collaboration with another discipline can help students see the broader implications of what they learn in international relations and technical communication courses.

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IEEE International Professional Communication Conference

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